I need to post on here more often.

I have no idea how I was able to upload this with no minutes left on SoundCloud but I’m not complaining!

That last beat I uploaded will be my last one on SoundCloud for a while

I’m probably gonna put some up exclusively on Tumblr and Youtube though when I get the chance.

Reminds me of something @cescru would get on

I can only upload 2 more beats to this account after this, damn it.

Finding new music is always amazing, but I feel like a hypocrite. I’ve always had such a disdain for mainstream hip hop but lately I’ve been finding myself listening to more Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood, and even Lil Wayne. I think it’s because I’ve learned how much work goes into those songs, even if they don’t have a meaningful message. I analyze like every song I listen to nowadays. I listen for the littlest sounds that are in them. I feel like a hypocrite though because as I type this I’m listening to “Hate Being Sober” by Cheif Keef. It’s a catchy song, but it doesn’t mean anything! I don’t know. It’s just something interesting I’ve noticed about my taste in music. It’s changing. I’ll always love underground hip hop but I’ve been seeing myself adding more “mainstream” music to my library. It’s a scary time in my life haha.

Best one yet.